By JW | Sun, 03/03/2024 - 10:49

Lemmy gets his package.

That's a 50lb bag of Healthy Weight kibble.
It should last a while.
Nancy has been cooking him ground turkey and veggies.

Boxed packed edge to edge with spam, detergent, crackers, coffee and condensed milk

Packific Rim

This one was also very heavy.
One cannot acquire regular SPAM at the Costco warehouse.

Package of coffee on the counter

Balanced and Smooth

They stopped carrying this a few weeks ago.
I saw it coming, but was hoping to be wrong.
Less, sometimes out of stock.
Other lines on the shelves....
It's got new packaging, this time with no mention of Starbucks as the source.

Close up of coffee beans

delivered to my house blend

It looks and tastes the same.
The beans may be a bit smaller, but I've been drinking Colombian for about a month.
I trust Costco more than Starbucks to do the right thing, so a win-win.

Our supply chain evolves.