Ghostin' Ghost

I really gave it the old college try with Ghost on Amazon, but there is no way I am putting up with the way it was calling HOST or whatnot.

I was in ALL the config files, many times.
Probably spent the last 24 hours on it.

I love the editor and the way it was supposed to "just tie in" to Stripe. 

Wham-o,  subscriber lists.

If only.

I did blog from the phone. It posted and sent out an email.
The image is now broken because I torched that server.

Stripe kept saying it was not a secure instance when it was...
Started getting into the weeds of ports and virtual hosts, redirects.
Eventually they all crapped out.

I did get a new Mailgun account and even more love for my Drupal.

Maybe it's time to again...

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