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STL: Friday, September 16, 2022

Events 📆

  • The Best Things To Do in St. Louis During the Weekend, September 16 to September 18 – RFT
  • The Best Things To Do in St. Louis During the Week, September 15 to September 21 – RFT
  • Enjoy Illinois 300 Race returns to St. Louis next summer – FOX 2
  • NASCAR set to return to St. Louis region – KSDK
  • Why City SC’s match Sunday opening Centene Stadium has been relocated – KSDK
  • St. Louis soccer stadium is on hold due to damage from a city project – FOX 2

BuySTL 👜

Restaurants 🍲

  • Sugarfire Celebrates 10 Years With Specials, Giveaways – RFT
  • Vicia’s Taqueria Morita Serves Baja-Style Edible Bliss – RFT

Neighborhoods 🏡

STL100 💯

  • St. Louis City SC shows off its new training facility – KSDK
  • Introducing the First Ever APA Lifetime Advocate Award – APA Adoption Center

STL99 😱

  • Tower Grove Boil Order? – r/StLouis
  • is anyone else’s water messed up? – r/StLouis
  • Man shot inside Soulard bar overnight – KSDK
  • Man shot in Soulard early Thursday morning – FOX 2
  • Man critically injured after shooting in Soulard bar – r/StLouis
  • Man critically hurt in shooting at Soulard bar –
  • Soulard Alderman, business owner say bar shooting is ‘isolated incident’ – KSDK
  • Marijuana dispensaries damaged overnight in attempted robberies – KSDK
  • Archdiocese of St. Louis to hold listening sessions on ‘All Things New’ plan – KSDK
  • St. Louis Catholic Church wants to hear feedback on upcoming changes – FOX 2
  • Jury pushes for day 3 of deliberations in Tim Norman murder-for-hire trial – FOX 2
  • Jury deliberation in trial of ‘Sweetie Pie’s’ star Tim Norman goes into third day –
  • Jury in ‘Sweetie Pie’s’ Murder Trial in 13th Hour of Deliberations – RFT

99MO 😱

  • Small earthquake hits Missouri bootheel – FOX 2

WW99 😱

  • NHS data platform procurement delayed for a second time – The Register

Police 🚓

  • I-Team: Former officer shares experience working undercover as dogfighter in Missouri, Illinois – KSDK
  • Pine Lawn may lose police service in 26 days – FOX 2
  • North County police co-op says department is dropping Pine Lawn over late payments – KSDK
  • Police respond to prank call at Roosevelt High School – FOX 2
  • Police receive false call of a shooting at Roosevelt High School –

DotGov 🏛

  • Gavin Newsom Fucks Over The Open Internet, Signs Disastrously Stupid Age Appropriate Design Code – Techdirt
  • ‘A real slap in the face’: State retiree health insurance plan finalized – FOX 2
  • Mexico Just Arrested an Army General in Connection With the Murder and Disappearance of 43 Students – VICE US
  • Ron DeSantis Sent Planes Full of Confused Migrant Families to Martha’s Vineyard – VICE US

CityGov 🏛

  • St. Louis releases payroll records after months of delays –
  • Request to hire even more consultants raises eyebrows at St. Louis agency –
  • SLDC Releases Roadmap to Economic Justice with $250M already earmarked – NextSTL – r/StLouis

LocalGov 🏛

  • St. Louis County Employees Told To Keep It in Their Pants on County Property – RFT
  • Voters, local election officials working to navigate Missouri’s new voting law – Missouri Independent

MoGov 🏛

  • Tax cut plan elusive for Missouri lawmakers –

FedGov 🏛

  • FEMA Opens New Disaster Resource Center in South City Ahead of October 8 Relief Application Deadline – City of St. Louis – News
  • Nearly 2 months after historic flooding, Metro East residents still wait for federal help – KSDK
  • U.S. Senate delays same-sex marriage vote until after midterm elections – Missouri Independent
  • Surprise: Telecom Giants Are Exploiting State Corruption To Undeservingly Funnel A Disproportionate Chunk Of The Massive Broadband Infrastructure Stimulus To Themselves – Techdirt
  • Even The Copyright Office Doesn’t Want What The JCPA Is Selling – Techdirt
  • Border Agents Are Grabbing Data From Americans’ Phones Without Warrants and Storing It for 15 Years – Gizmodo
  • Blake Masters Wants to Fire All Generals and Replace Them With Conservatives – VICE US

Jobs 📄

  • Bridgeton event seeks to address looming construction labor shortage – FOX 2

History 🦕

  • St. Louis, 1907 Bird’s Eye View Map – r/StLouis

Sustainability ♻️

  • Structure-inflating construction tech could give 3D printing a run for its money – New Atlas
  • "Brick toaster" aims to cut global CO2 emissions by 15% in 15 years – New Atlas
  • Food security group, Linux Foundation working on crop data standard – The Register
  • Earth is now our only shareholder – Hacker News
  • Patagonia Billionaire Who Gave Up Company Skirts $700M Tax Hit – Hacker News

Infrastructure 🚽

  • Merchants Bridge reopens after four-year $222M project – FOX 2
  • Grand Reopening Celebration Marks Completion of New Merchants Bridge – St. Louis Regional Freightway
  • Manchester Road in Brentwood to reopen next week after flooding delay – KSDK
  • BREAKING NEWS: Rail companies, union negotiators reach tentative agreement – The Waterways Journal
  • Tentative railway labor deal reached to avert strike, Biden says – FOX 2
  • Freight Rail Workers Can Take Doctors Appointments Without Blowback Under Tentative Deal – Gizmodo
  • 28 Freight Rail Workers Tell Us What They Want You to Know About Their Lives – VICE US
  • Freight Rail Unions Reach Tentative Agreement That May Avoid Strike – VICE US

Ecology 🦤

  • Wetland restoration helped reduce recent flood impacts in Metro East, mayor says –
  • Chaos researchers can now predict perilous points of no return – Hacker News

WWwx 🌦

  • Historic famine looms as drought grips East Africa – Grist

WWW99 🕸

  • Adobe to Acquire Figma for $20 Billion – Daring Fireball
  • Adobe acquires Figma – Hacker News
  • Adobe to acquire Figma for $20B – Hacker News
  • Adobe acquires collaborative design platform Figma for $20 billion – Engadget
  • Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election – Hacker News
  • Instagram’s Flopping TikTok Knockoff, Reels, Shows That Big Companies Can’t Just Copy Their Way To Success – Techdirt
  • TechCrunch: ‘Google Cancels Half the Projects at Its Internal R&D Group Area 120’ – Daring Fireball
  • Cloudflare Vows to Fight Global DNS Blocking Orders – TorrentFreak
  • Akamai stopped new record-breaking DDoS attack in Europe – BleepingComputer
  • Tik Tok executive refuses to say it will stop sending U.S. user data to China – Boing Boing
  • Zoom suffered a major outage that may have cancelled your video meetings – Engadget
  • Hackers trojanize PuTTY SSH client to backdoor media company – BleepingComputer
  • New malware bundle self-spreads through YouTube gaming videos – BleepingComputer
  • Twilio CEO: Layoffs were carried out through an Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppression lens – Hacker News
  • Stripe has decided to nuke my entire business – Hacker News
  • Ethereum completes the ‘merge’ that will make its crypto transactions greener – Engadget
  • Merge shifts Ethereum to full proof-of-stake, price slumps – The Register
  • 46% of ETH POS post merge is just two addresses – Hacker News
  • Vitalik: Ethereum Merge Just Finalized – Hacker News
  • “No politics” Coinbase rolls out feature to promote crypto-friendly politicians – Hacker News

Twitter 🐦

  • SpaceX’s Starlink internet reaches Antarctica, touching all 7 continents – New Atlas

Space 🚀

  • What to Expect from NASA’s DART Mission to Deflect an Asteroid – Gizmodo
  • China can destroy US space assets, Space Force ops nominee warns – The Register
  • Testing of Starlink internet under way in Antarctica – The Register
  • Boffins spot baby planet forming around young star – and that’s rather cool – The Register


  • BliKVM PCIe puts a computer in your computer – Jeff Geerling’s Blog
  • How To Make Syncronized LED Disney Mouse Ears – Make
  • 12 WordPress site settings that are critical to your SEO success – Search Engine Land
  • Vegetarian Recipes for Cozy Days – NYT > Food
  • Show HN: WunderBase – Serverless OSS database on top of SQLite, Firecracker – Hacker News

Captain’s Blog 🏴‍☠️

  • John Lydon alleges Sex Pistols bandmates are trying to profit from Queen Elizabeth’s death – 105.7 The Point
  • Why Are Rich People So Obsessed With Proving US Cities Are Dystopian Hellholes? – VICE US
  • McDonald’s CEO sounds the alarm over crime in Chicago – Hacker News