By JW | Mon, 08/01/2022 - 00:57

## [A Wild Dolphin in Japan Is Accused of Biting Beachgoers](

A wild dolphin spotted in shallow waters at a Japanese beach has been accused of biting swimmers.

The dolphin injured at least six people over the weekend at Koshino beach in the western prefecture of Fukui, officials said Monday. In one case, swimmers were bitten after trying to take a photo with the animal. Local media reported a third grader bled after getting munched on her left ankle.

Though injuries have been mild, the alarmed staff at Koshino beach on Wednesday set up a machine that emits ultrasonic frequencies—which deters dolphins from coming close. A similar one was installed just a couple of weeks earlier at a nearby beach, which also had dolphin sightings.

The incidents have perplexed city officials and marine specialists.

Dolphins are not known to be aggressive creatures and it’s rare for them to attack people unprovoked. Beachgoers have seen dolphins swimming near Koshino beach before it officially opened on July 9, “but it’s the first time this year that a dolphin came into shallow water,” Masaki Yasui, a tourism promotion department official in Fukui city, told VICE World News.