Once upon a time, we used to dogsit for neighbors on our floor.

Walk in Forest Park
archiving cds and dogsitting Gertie

I had my music and photos all collected up and on a new Terabyte hard drive when I got back from the Philippines. It took months to organize/copy all the cds, drives, etc. It's pretty much all I had kept.

Gertie hated other animals. Even fish.

One day Gertie saw a horse on TV.

She leaped from the futon, missing the TV by a good 2 feet, but sliding into my terabyte harddrive with all my cd, drives and archives in it.

my stupid. her hate. 

I did not have a backup of the backup. A terabyte was not cheap and this had a music server built in, everything.

I may try and dig it back up and see if I can recover the data this time. I still have the CDs, but a lot of them were degraded even back then.

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Gerties walk to Forest Park
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