They call me a generalist, among other things.
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electroponix, llc


  • Graphic Design and Production
  • Website Design and Production
  • Sales/Marketing
  • PHP/Perl Programming
  • Server Administration
  • Stratergery


Web Developer

  • responsible for the internet and intranet presence.


System Administrator/Web Developer

  • Maintained all Servers and Desktops - Windows XP, NT, IIS, Mac OSX, Debian Linux
  • Developed and Maintained over 150 websites utilizing asp, php, perl, javascript, css, flash
  • Implemented Open Source Solutions for future development with Magento, Formtools, Drupal

Optima Graphics

Mac Operator

  • Color Correction and Matching
  • Image Preparation
  • File Preparation for Printing on Different Substrates

City of Saint Louis, MO

Web Development Specialist I

  • Managed NT Servers
  • CMS Implementation
  • Taxonomy
  • Systems Integration
  • Software Evaluation
  • Open Source Software Implementation

electroponics, inc


  • Graphic Design and Production
  • Website Design and Production
  • Sales/Marketing
  • PHP/Perl Programming
  • Server Administration


Production Artist

  • Packaging Production
  • Trained Production Artists
  • Researched and Implemented Groupware Solutions
  • Produced Company Websites


Production Supervisor

  • Installed and Maintained First File Server
  • Designed Job Database
  • Implemented Electronic Impostion
  • Trained Production Artists

Designer Color Systems

Catalog 1 Team Member

  • Catalog Assembly/Imposition
  • Color Correction
  • Image Manipulation
  • Postscript Troubleshooting

The Composing Room

Graphic Production Specialist

  • Scanning/Color Correction
  • Image Manipulation
  • Postscript Troubleshooting
  • Font Creation
  • Four Color Film Trapping
  • Produced Desktop Color Seminar
  • Journeyman Ranking within a Year

Thunderbird Graphics

Macintosh Typographer / Systems Advisor

  • Packaging/Logo Design
  • Quark/Illustrator Specialist
  • Trained Compugraphic Operators in Desktop Publishing
  • Postscript And Rip Troubleshooting

Legal Communications Corporation

Production Artist

  • Newspaper Paste Up and Imposition
  • Created First In-House Computer Graphic
  • Maintained First Desktop Computer (Mac SE/30)



International Business Exchange

ITT Intermetall - Freiburg
  • Marketing Department
  • Inventory, Ordering and Customer Relations
  • Distribution Responsibility
  • Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden

Coldwell Banker

Marketing Intern
  • Classified Advertising Production and Editing
  • Researched Desktop Publishing Feasibility
  • Implementation Saved $35-50,000 a Year


Webster University

BA in Marketing/Management
  • Emphasis in German/Desktop Publishing



  • Web Development
  • Web Design, Database Integration, Mailing Lists
  • Server Administration
  • OSX, Linux, Windows
  • Graphic Production
  • Web, Print, Packaging


  • Editors - BBEdit, Dreamweaver, SubEthaEdit, Homesite, eMacs, Coda, Eclipse
  • Publishing - Quark, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Fireworks, Gimp
  • Databases - SQL, mySQL, Filemaker
  • Server - IIs, Apache, Squid, Sendmail, Postfix, LDAP, SSH, SQL Admin, WebMin, Mailman, phpMyAdmin
  • OS - Windows, Mac 6-OSX, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux
  • Open Source Software - Drupal, Invision Board, osCommerce, MediaWiki, SugarCRM, many others...
  • Languages - HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, RSS, PHP, Perl, Cold Fusion



Soulard Security Association

Board Member - Chief Technologist
  • Determine Software, Run Servers, Install and Monitor Cameras

Mardi Gras, Inc.

Webmaster from Inception to 2004
  • Technology Board Member


Founder, Listmom and WebDude for 6 years
  • Handled all aspects of both


Marketing Chair 2002
  • Listmom 1987 – 2006