Long live JWblog.

Before the Pandemic, I started this blog. I did it in Ghost v Drupal, because I have too many Drupal instances to manage the gnarled upgrades.

The problem was that the feature images wouldn't show up in anything but Safari, and I tried about everything. This site is on an Amazon/Bitnami stack and sometimes that leads to madness.


Started fucking around with Markup again and decided that I really should use it more.  I like Markup.

That lead to Hugo. I like Hugo.

Hugo lead me to Bear. I like Bear.

Voodoo Pad appeared my TLs. A new version. I used it quite a bit when it came out. I don't even remember why I stopped using it. I like Voodoo Pad.

So I circled back around and managed to fix this site. I like Ghost again.