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STL: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 – Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Events 📆

  • Weekly Events Thread 9/19/21 – 9/25/22 – r/StLouis
  • Tower Grove Pride returns this weekend – St. Louis Magazine
  • Canine Carnival At The Alton Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market Set For Sept. 24th – RiverBender
  • Maplewood Route 66 Celebration September 24 – Historic Downtown Maplewood Feast 9.22.22 –
  • Maplewood pool becomes a ‘dog dish’ one day each year – KSDK
  • Soulard Beer Fest – Events and meetings from the City of St. Louis, MO
  • Food Truck Festival Returning To Wood River – RiverBender
  • Out With The Corn, In With The Hemp – Great Godfrey Maze Back Open! – RiverBender
  • 2nd Annual NASCAR Cup Series Race At World Wide Technology Raceway Confirmed – RiverBender
  • Mississippi Earthtones Festival Attracts Thousands To Alton Riverfront – RiverBender
  • Music at the Intersection Comes Into its Own in its Second Year – RFT
  • Photos: Pearl Jam brings its long-awaited tour to Enterprise Center – St. Louis Magazine
  • Even Non-Wiccans Can Celebrate Mabon, the ‘Pagan Thanksgiving’ – HowStuffWorks

BuySTL 👜

  • Sugaree Baking Company combines art and quality ingredients to make flavorful sweets –
  • World’s first official coloring book store opens in St. Louis – FOX 2
  • Local/Regional Distillery Recommendations? – r/StLouis
  • Hartmann: St. Louis Public Schools Are Not Your Bank, Cortex – RFT
  • Travelers give St. Louis’ Lambert airport failing scores in new survey –
  • Question emerges in push for new Lambert terminal: Will cost-conscious airlines pay for it? – KSDK
  • Brentwood taps Green Street for Manchester Road redevelopment –
  • Bold Recognized For Community Involvement By The North Alton Godfrey Business Council – RiverBender
  • Hospital in south city being sold – KSDK
  • Centene to pay $166 million to Texas in Medicaid drug pricing settlement – Missouri Independent
  • Centene To Pay $166 Million in Medicaid Drug Pricing Settlement – RFT
  • Centene Corp. reaches $165.6M settlement with Texas over pharmacy benefit practices – KSDK
  • California-based company takes over operations at South City Hospital –

Restaurants 🍲

  • Eat Crow Brings Heavy Metal and Mac and Cheese to Soulard – RFT
  • Fire damages Vin de Set restaurant Monday morning – FOX 2
  • Vin De Set had a serious fire last night. I assume they, along with PW Pizza, and 21st St Brewers bar will be closed for significant time – r/StLouis
  • Overnight fire damages Vin de Set restaurant in Downtown West –
  • Vin de Set ‘Closed Indefinitely’ After Early Morning Fire – RFT
  • Fire damages Vin De Set in Lafayette Square, restaurant will be closed indefinitely – KSDK

STLfood ⚜️

  • Pastry chef Amanda Leone crafts vegan baked goods for Protagonist Cafe and Pieces Board Game Bar and Cafe –
  • C and B Boiled Bagels will soon debut in Wood River, Illinois –

Neighborhoods 🏡

STL100 💯

  • St. Louis no longer nation’s murder capital – FOX 2
  • After being away for 8 years, it’s great to be back in my hometown of STL. – r/StLouis
  • Wow, last week St. Louis Code & Coffee Community Meetup blew up. It was the 3rd one and we had 50+ people showing up! This is evidence of the emerging tech scene right here in St. Louis. Thanks to all that came out, see you next week! TechArtista is an amazing place to work and host events. You can – r/StLouis
  • New NBC Comedy to Highlight Andy Cohen’s St. Louis Upbringing – RFT

STL99 😱

  • The Budweiser Brewery Tour isnt free anymore?! – r/StLouis
  • Carl’s Drive-In owner wants to create a new burger-and-entertainment destination in Winghaven – St. Louis Magazine
  • “The explosion was deafening” garbage truck fire caught on camera in Mehlville – FOX 2
  • St. Louis City SC matches relocated as power issue at Centene Stadium continues – KSDK
  • Another soccer match canceled at the new St. Louis stadium due to damage – FOX 2
  • FOX 2 uncovers the story behind the damage to St. Louis soccer stadium – FOX 2
  • Station management silent on status of Fox 2 anchor Vic Faust after tirade –
  • One man linked to St. Louis ‘package killer’ serial murders after DNA breakthrough –
  • Alleged serial killer charged with murders of 4 women 30 years after bodies found across St. Louis region – KSDK
  • Gary Muehlberg, 73, Charged in ‘Package Killer’ Murders in 1990 St. Louis – RFT

99MO 😱

  • Missouri Mom Drains ‘Huge’ Pond to Find Son’s Remains – RFT

MO100 💯

  • Branson is #1 for smallmouth bass fishing in US – FOX 2
  • U.S. center of population now located in Missouri Ozarks – FOX 2

WW99 😱

  • The Sinaloa Cartel Is Controlling Water in Drought-Stricken Mexico – VICE US
  • Mexico Wants the US to Hand Over El Chapo’s Godson for Killing of Legendary Journalist – VICE US
  • In ten years, for the Asia-Pacific region alone, 225 million… – Maps on the Web
  • The Japanese Empire at its greatest extent in 1942 – Maps on the Web
  • President Putin has announced a partial mobilization in Russia – Hacker News
  • Germany’s blanket data retention law is illegal, EU top court says – Hacker News
  • US Wealth dropped $6 Trillion in Q2 – Hacker News
  • Saudi Prosecutors Are Targeting A US Citizen For Tweets Criticizing The Government – Techdirt
  • Look who’s fallen foul of Europe’s data retention rules. France and Germany – The Register

Pox Populi™ 🦠

  • St. Louis health specialists concerned about rise in STIs – KSDK
  • BJC is offering free flu shots this fall. Here’s when, where you can get yours – KSDK
  • The Pandemic May Be Over, but Covid-19 Isn’t – Gizmodo
  • STD epidemic in US is "out of control," say public health experts – Boing Boing
  • America’s Sexually Transmitted Disease Problem Is ‘Out of Control’ – Gizmodo

Police 🚓

  • Sam Page to announce construction of two new police precincts – FOX 2
  • Pine Lawn catches up on payments, St. Louis County prepared to police –
  • St. Louis-area police departments struggle with staffing shortages – KSDK
  • Hundreds More Cases Linked To Dirty NYPD Cops Dismissed By Prosecutors – Techdirt
  • LA County Sheriff Still Targeting Critics, Searches Home Of Civilian Oversight Board – Techdirt
  • Woman Hit by Freight Train While Detained in Cop Car Parked on the Tracks – VICE US
  • Colorado police bind woman on railroad tracks, let her get hit by a locomotive – Boing Boing

DotGov 🏛

  • An ‘unprecedented flood’ of book bans engulfs U.S. school districts, PEN report says – Missouri Independent

CityGov 🏛

  • 3 finalists in contention for St. Louis personnel director job –
  • Advocates call for transparency, better conditions after 6 St. Louis jail deaths –
  • Request for Proposal to Operate a Cafeteria and/or Cart at St. Louis City Hall – City of St. Louis
  • RFP for Hearing Officers – City of St. Louis
  • Pay a traffic ticket recently? Your money may not have made it to the right place – FOX 2
  • St. Louis aims to weaken alderman’s lawsuit claiming wrongful tear-gassing –
  • Notice Regarding City Water Issue – City of St. Louis – News
  • New claims of demands, bribes unsealed against St. Louis alderman. ‘He plays me. That’s bad business.’ –
  • Warrant pins new schemes on former St. Louis Alderman John Collins-Muhammad – St. Louis Business Journal

LocalGov 🏛

  • After taste and smell complaints, St. Charles says water is still safe to drink – KSDK
  • U. City ‘Joker’ Barred From Wearing Costumes, Makeup in Public – RFT

MoGov 🏛

  • Gov. Parson dampens hope for Missouri sports betting measure – KSDK
  • Governor puts brakes on latest sports betting push in Missouri –
  • Missouri AG says new abuse allegations at Agape school are ‘immediate’ safety concern –
  • ‘This job is impossible’: High turnover, low morale plague Missouri child welfare agency – Missouri Independent
  • Missouri Democrats decline to endorse marijuana ballot measure –
  • Missouri Senate committee negotiates income tax cut – FOX 2
  • Missouri Senate committee negotiates income tax cut during special session – KSDK
  • Income tax cut plan heads to Missouri Senate floor for debate – Missouri Independent
  • Missouri Senate moves on compromise plan to cut income taxes – FOX 2
  • Scaled-back income tax cut wins initial approval in Missouri Senate – Missouri Independent
  • Missouri Senate moves ahead with compromise plan to cut income taxes – KSDK
  • Tax cut on track in Missouri Senate –
  • Missouri AG’s lawsuit against St. Louis abortion access fund sent back to state court – Missouri Independent
  • Missouri lawmaker files bill to repeal abortion ban – FOX 2
  • Democrat files bill to repeal Missouri abortion ban –
  • Missouri Supreme Court weighs whether counties can regulate CAFOs – Missouri Independent
  • GOP leaders target ‘woke’ investments through state pension funds – Missouri Independent

FedGov 🏛

  • ‘Dozens’ Of Broadband Providers Ripped Off Low Income COVID Relief Program, FCC Says – Techdirt
  • The Pentagon Is Reportedly Auditing the U.S. Military’s Own Pro-America Social Media Psyop – Gizmodo
  • Musk’s Starlink Says It’s ‘Unfair’ The FCC Pulled $886 Million In Subsidies Musk Claims He Doesn’t Want Anyway – Techdirt
  • Musk says Starlink will ask for exemption to US sanctions on Iran – The Register
  • Elon Musk Wants to Sell Satellite Internet to Iran If He Can Get an Exemption From Sanctions – Gizmodo

Jobs 📄

  • Executive Assistant I – Jobs
  • Neighborhood Improvement Specialist – Jobs
  • Career Central: Looking for a job? These big-name employers are hiring – KSDK

History 🦕

Sustainability ♻️

  • Research seeks ways to grow solar and crops together in the skeptical Corn Belt –
  • St. Louis-led partnership wins $80M federal grant to develop ‘climate-smart’ agriculture production – St. Louis Regional Freightway
  • MIT tech could keep items cool without using any electricity – New Atlas

Infrastructure 🚽

  • Amid a massive American clean energy shift, grid operators play catch-up – Missouri Independent
  • Midwestern partnership backs hydrogen as clean energy source – FOX 2
  • Gov. Pritzker Announces Formation Of Midwest Hydrogen Coalition – RiverBender
  • California County Tells People to Shelter In Place Because of Tesla Battery Fire – VICE US
  • Hertz to purchase 175,000 General Motors EVs over the next five years – Engadget
  • Massive Earthquake Hits Mexico for Third Time on Same Date – VICE US
  • Watch Taiwan’s 660-Ton Skyscraper ‘Damper’ Swing During Magnitude-6.9 Earthquake – VICE US
  • Watch the Tuned Mass Damper inside a Taipei skyscraper react to this weekend’s 6.9-magnitude earthquake – Boing Boing
  • Schools are harnessing solar power in record numbers – Grist

Ecology 🦤

  • Earth’s 20 Quadrillion Ants Outweigh All Wild Birds and Mammals, Combined – HowStuffWorks
  • Scientists tally up the total number of ants on Earth – New Atlas
  • Human Composting Now Legal in California – Gizmodo

WWwx 🌦

  • In Oregon, farmers are revamping century-old irrigation canals to stem water loss – Grist
  • Most Puerto Ricans Have No Electricity or Clean Water After Hurricane Fiona – Gizmodo
  • Large Reservoirs Out West Could Dry Up in Just Three Years – Gizmodo

WWW99 🕸

  • Uber Confirms Hacker Accessed Internal Tools, Bug Bounty Dashboard – SecurityWeek
  • The Media Demanded That Airbnb Do More Background Checks; Now It’s Upset That Airbnb Is Banning People With Criminal Records – Techdirt
  • A shadow library ban pits publishers against free information activists – Hacker News
  • Judge Says Texas’ Bill to Stop Social Media From Curbing Hate Speech Will ‘Cultivate Ideas’ – Gizmodo
  • DeepMind Says It Had Nothing to Do With Research Paper Saying AI Could End Humanity – VICE US
  • Linux Foundation launches European division – The Register
  • Document Foundation starts charging €8.99 for ‘free’ LibreOffice – The Register
  • 2-in-1 calculator app adds up to surprise hit for retired engineer – Hacker News
  • Rockstar Games confirms they were hacked by an outside party – Hacker News
  • Twilio CEO announces 11% in ‘Anti-Racist’ focused layoffs – Hacker News
  • Instacart teams with retailers to create grocery stores powered by its tech – Engadget
  • VMware Warns of ‘ChromeLoader’ Delivering Ransomware, Destructive Malware – SecurityWeek
  • DALL-E Users Can Now Upload and Edit Real Human Faces. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – Gizmodo

Twitter 🐦

  • Twitter Reacts to St. Louis Startup Shame – EQ
  • The tyranny of the supertweeter – Hacker News

Space 🚀

  • NASA Wants Ideas for a New Lunar Lander – Gizmodo
  • NASA to live-stream SLS rocket fuel leak repair test – The Register
  • This Reusable Space Freighter Would ‘Open the Door’ to European Space Exploration – Gizmodo
  • Mars rover nears milestone in ambitious plan to return first rocks from another planet – Science Magazine
  • The Space Force Now Has an Official Song – VICE US
  • Internet Society recommends development of Solar-System-scale routing framework – The Register
  • James Webb Space Telescope’s first pictures of Mars could reveal more about the atmosphere – Engadget
  • One of Webb Telescope’s Tools Has a Glitch – Gizmodo
  • ‘Guess Who’s Still on the Ground?’: NASA Administrator Taunts Boeing’s Failure to Launch Starliner – Gizmodo


  • Melting Pot Bavarian Beer Cheese Fondue –
  • Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Corn Pudding –
  • Fresh Yeasted Pizza Dough –
  • Lemon Spinach Ricotta Pan Pizza –
  • Perfect Mashed Potatoes Recipe – VICE US
  • Easy Collard Greens Recipe – VICE US
  • The World’s Best Pancake Recipe –
  • This useful website helps you find recipies based on the content of your fridge – Boing Boing
  • Reheat pizza like a pro with these tips from local chefs –
  • This DIY strain wave gearbox is strong enough to pull a car – Arduino Blog
  • A Clever Dishwasher Hack To Automatically Dry Wet Dishes At the End of the Cleaning Cycle – Laughing Squid
  • Introductory-level educational COBOL materials with modern tooling – Hacker News

Captain’s Blog 🏴‍☠️

  • Ask HN: Do you regret being a generalist? – Hacker News
  • Want to Feel Old? the Emoticon Is 40 🙂 – Gizmodo
  • Unicode character “ꙮ” (U+A66E) is being updated – Hacker News
  • EU Open Web Search project kicked off – Hacker News
  • Firefox 105 is here, and it’s faster and more memory-frugal – The Register
  • Betterbird is a fine-tuned version of Mozilla Thunderbird email client – Hacker News
  • Forma Campers reshapes the teardrop trailer into spacious origami – New Atlas
  • WB Yeats and Aleister Crowley once battled each other in an epic real-life magical duel – Boing Boing
  • Narcissism of the Apocalypse – Michael Shellenberger – Hacker News
  • Magnus Carlsen resigns against Hans Niemann in the second move – Hacker News
  • Bitcoin falls below $19,000 – Hacker News
  • US Cultural Zones distinguished by counties – Maps on the Web
  • Fork of the popular “I don’t care about cookies” extension – Hacker News
  • gPodder: A simple, open-source podcast client – Hacker News
  • Meet the world’s greatest stone skipper – Boing Boing
  • Now’s your chance, AI, to do good. Protect endangered eagles from wind turbines – The Register
  • ‘Last man standing in the floppy disk business’ reckons his company has 4 years left – The Register