By JW | Thu, 08/25/2022 - 01:20

STL: Thursday, August 25, 2022

Events 📆

BuySTL 👜

  • After Years of Darkness, Stag Finally Brings Back Its Classic Logo – RFT
  • Trolley Stop Bakery in Chesterfield offers aspiring bakers a place to grow their business – St. Louis Magazine
  • WeWork closes downtown St. Louis coworking location – KSDK
  • Schlafly beer expands with 2 new distribution deals – KSDK
  • A Chick-fil-A owner offered St. Louis area franchisees a sweet deal. They say it was fraud. –

Restaurants 🍲

  • Shabu Day is now open in University City, featuring all-you-can-eat hot pot –
  • Press by acclaimed chef Logan Ely debuts its ‘smash pizza’ in Fox Park –

STLfood ⚜️

  • IMOS Pizza labeled will now be in Dierbergs – r/StLouis

Neighborhoods 🏡

STL100 💯

  • $1M worth of free school supplies to be given to St. Louis teachers – KSDK

STL99 😱

  • ‘It’s definitely a health crisis’: Communities working to fight diaper insecurity – KSDK
  • FSIS Issues Public Health Alert for Perdue Frozen Ready-To-Eat Chicken Tender Products Due to Foreign Material Contamination – RiverBender

99MO 😱

  • Missouri school district brings back punishment by paddle – FOX 2

WW99 😱

  • Why Outlawing Ghost Guns Didn’t Stop America’s Largest Maker of Ghost Gun Parts – ProPublica

Pox Populi™ 🦠

  • Here’s how you can keep track of monkeypox cases in St. Louis County – KSDK

Police 🚓

  • St. Louis comptroller unveils plan to increase police officers’ pay, curb crime – KSDK
  • St. Louis comptroller calls for pay raises, new incentives for police to fight crime –

CityGov 🏛

  • St. Louis City Flirts with Violations of Sunshine Law, Critics Say – RFT
  • St. Louis warrant reset, job fair set for Friday, plus relief on utility bills – FOX 2

LocalGov 🏛

  • Homeless advocates voice concerns over changes to St. Louis County panhandling laws – FOX 2

MoGov 🏛

  • Gov. Parson plans to lower state income taxes, some state Democrats say it’s not sustainable – KSDK
  • Advocates sue to block Missouri voter photo ID law –
  • Parson defends decision not to allow to-go option for summer meals program in Missouri – r/StLouis

FedGov 🏛

  • Over $33 million paid out to address St. Louis-area flood damage so far –
  • Here’s how much federal agencies paid out so far in recovery from July flooding – St. Louis Business Journal
  • How do I know if I have a Pell Grant? – FOX 2
  • Student loan forgiveness could help more than 40 million – FOX 2

Jobs 📄

History 🦕

Sustainability ♻️

  • Raw data: Core inflation vs. food inflation – Kevin Drum
  • Concrete made with shredded PPE gear offers up to 22% higher strength – New Atlas

Infrastructure 🚽

Ecology 🦤

  • Learn to Monitor Streams With Illinois RiverWatch – RiverBender
  • Up to 135 U.S. tree species face extinction—and just eight enjoy federal protection – Science Magazine
  • Dugongs, Beloved Vegetarian ‘Mermaids,’ Declared Extinct Near China – Gizmodo

WWwx 🌦

  • Shocking Photos Show China’s Historic Drought – Gizmodo
  • Yangtze River Dries Up, Revealing 600-Year-Old Buddhist Statues – VICE US
  • Scientists exposed plants to a yearlong drought. The result is worrying for climate change – Science Magazine

Twitter 🐦

  • Ex-Twitter Security Chief Peiter ‘Mudge’ Zatko Files Blockbuster Whistleblower Report Over the Platform’s Security – Daring Fireball
  • Twitter Whistleblowing Report Actually Seems To Confirm Twitter’s Legal Argument, While Pretending To Support Musk’s – Techdirt

Space 🚀

  • SpaceX Says Falcon 9 Can Launch Future Starlink Satellites—a Sign Starship Is Far From Ready – Gizmodo
  • Scientists Debunk Myth That Noise From NASA’s Powerful Saturn V Rocket Melted Concrete – Gizmodo


  • Use Schlafly tartar sauce recipe for more than just fried fish –
  • Easy Corn Dogs and Homemade Mustard Recipe – VICE US
  • Using CSS Cascade Layers to Manage Custom Styles in a Tailwind Project – CSS-Tricks

Captain’s Blog 🏴‍☠️

  • Amazon has repackaged surveillance capitalism as reality TV – The Register
  • GitLab ‘strongly recommends’ patching critical RCE vulnerability – BleepingComputer
  • Plex forces password resets after database access incident – BleepingComputer
  • Plex tells users to reset their passwords after potential data breach – Engadget
  • Plex Asks Users to Reset Passwords Following Data Breach – MacRumors
  • On Faith – ongoing by Tim Bray
  • New Crosscamp Flex MPV becomes latest ultra-versatile electric RV – New Atlas
  • Erik Prince’s new "secure" smartphone is an even bigger joke than it sounds – Boing Boing
  • Jack Dorsey’s Other Company Hit With Lawsuit Over Alleged Negligent Data Security Practices – Gizmodo