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STL: Thursday, September 1, 2022

BuySTL 👜

  • Stelmacki’s Super Market remains an independent customer-driven grocer for North County –
  • Jay’s International Gets a Face Lift – RFT
  • Schnucks Opens First Convenience Store – RFT
  • Videira Wine Shop & Bar Will Open in Midtown This Fall – RFT
  • Imo’s Holding Company announces new chief executive officer – St. Louis Magazine
  • Imo’s, iconic St. Louis family-owned pizza company, names new leader – KSDK
  • Imo’s Pizza names new CEO. And it isn’t an Imo. –
  • New CEO of Imo’s Pizza isn’t named Imo – FOX 2

Restaurants 🍲

  • Press Brings Smashed Pizzas and Draft Cocktails to Fox Park – RFT

STLfood ⚜️

  • I posted a few days ago about a friend in spokane saw an ‘arch’ and didn’t feel the need to come to stl anymore. Now they’ve found this! – r/StLouis

Neighborhoods 🏡

  • Join Us for the 26th Annual SLACO Regional Neighborhoods Conference on 9/10! – SLACO
  • Decade old flooding issues still raises concerns in University City – FOX 2

STL100 💯

  • Frankie Muriel of Dr. Zhivegas shows off his house of rock – St. Louis Magazine
  • St. Louis’ Washington University named 15th best college in America – FOX 2
  • SLPS adds hotspots and Chromebooks as a part of their Connectivity Fund – FOX 2

STL99 😱

  • Renewed stress over buying school meals for students – KSDK
  • Metro Leaders Vote To Throw More Money Into Trolley-Shaped Black Hole – RFT
  • Loop Trolley approved for 2-year grant – St. Louis Business Journal
  • Loop Trolley to get $1.26 million after regional board approves federal grant –
  • St. Louis area leaders approve $1.2M for Delmar Loop Trolley – FOX 2
  • Suspect in deadly hit-and-run crash near Ted Drewes charged – KSDK
  • Driver charged in fatal hit and run near Ted Drewes – FOX 2
  • Thieves ram cars through Academy Sports stores in Metro East, St. Peters – KSDK
  • Hazelwood cannabis dispensary targeted in break-in – KSDK
  • Video: St. Peters smash-n-grab burglars drive car into store and start shooting – FOX 2
  • Edwardsville Amazon warehouse rebuilding without storm shelter, documents show – KSDK

99MO 😱

  • Is Missouri’s Legal Weed Amendment Too Good To Be True? – RFT

WW99 😱

  • Taliban Claims It’s Upgrading Afghanistan to 4G Despite Ongoing Online Censorship – Gizmodo
  • Olympic Gold Swimmer Investigated by Police—For Smoking Weed 4 Months Ago – VICE US
  • Homicides in Europe – Maps on the Web

Pox Populi™ 🦠

  • Omicron COVID vaccine booster authorized in US, roll-out begins in days – New Atlas

Police 🚓

  • A decline of officers in St. Louis raises concerns – FOX 2
  • Judge fines Northwoods officer $10,000 for assaulting woman at DMV –
  • Former police officer fined $10,000 after admitting to assault of woman at DMV – KSDK
  • Former officer fined $10,000 for assaulting customer at Florissant DMV – FOX 2
  • Alabama Town Disbands Police Force After Racist Text Message Surfaces – Techdirt

DotGov 🏛

  • Chattanooga’s City-Owned ISP Pushes 25 Gbps Broadband – Techdirt
  • Michigan Republicans refuse to approve abortion initiative just because they don’t feel like it – Kevin Drum

CityGov 🏛

  • Fleet Maintenance and Auto Body Repair Services – City of St. Louis Procurement Opportunities
  • Fitch Affirms ‘A’ Long-term Rating with Stable Outlook for St. Louis Lambert International Airport Revenue Bonds – City of St. Louis – News
  • Interim personnel director’s term extended to oversee St. Louis police chief search – St. Louis Business Journal
  • St. Louis prosecutor asks court to free Lamar Johnson after nearly 30 years in prison – Missouri Independent
  • Kim Gardner again seeks to clear murder conviction of Lamar Johnson – KSDK
  • St. Louis prosecutor again seeks to clear convicted killer – FOX 2
  • St. Louis Circuit Attorney files motion to free Lamar Johnson –

LocalGov 🏛

  • Critics blast St. Louis County for no-kill reversal at dog shelter –

MoGov 🏛

  • Missouri lawmakers postpone special session for tax cut proposal – FOX 2
  • Missouri among states tapping historic surpluses for tax cuts and rebates – FOX 2
  • Missouri special session on tax relief postponed for continued talks –
  • Missouri lawmakers delay meeting for tax cut proposal – The Big 550 KTRS

FedGov 🏛

  • FEMA announces O’Fallon disaster recovery center –
  • U.S. life expectancy drops sharply, the second consecutive decline – Hacker News
  • U.S. Life Expectancy Falls Again in ‘Historic’ Setback – Hacker News
  • US life expectancy continues to fall in a "historic" drop – Boing Boing
  • FDA Authorizes Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech Bivalent Covid-19 Vaccines Booster Dose – Hacker News
  • The Public Paid For Moderna’s mRNA Vaccine Tech; The Fact That Moderna Is Suing Over The Patent Is A Travesty – Techdirt
  • Trump’s Latest Mar-a-Lago Gambit Just Backfired Spectacularly – VICE US

Jobs 📄

  • Criminal Intelligence Analyst – Jobs
  • Missouri construction firms say they’re still struggling to find workers –

History 🦕

  • Rare St. Louis license plate sells for $8,500 at auction – FOX 2

Sustainability ♻️

  • The Hidden Cost of Cheaper Gas – RiverBender
  • New process converts old PLA plastic into a better 3D-printing resin – New Atlas

Infrastructure 🚽

  • Toyota plans to spend up to $2.5b expanding North Carolina EV battery factory – The Register
  • Increased wind turbine rotor blade visibility to reduce avian fatalities – Hacker News

Ecology 🦤

  • Southern Illinois road set to close due to snake migration – KSDK
  • Permafrost thaw seems to be draining Arctic lakes at an accelerated rate – New Atlas

Space 🚀

  • St. Louis Astronomical Society welcomes all to look to the skies – FOX 2
  • Startup wants to build a space station that refuels satellites by 2025 – The Register
  • NASA and China Want to Land on the Same Areas on the Moon – Gizmodo
  • NASA Will Re-Attempt a Launch of the Artemis 1 Mission on Saturday – Gizmodo


WWW99 🕸

  • Cloudflare tries to explain why it protects far-right forums that stalk and harass victims – The Register
  • Court Orders Telegram to Disclose Personal Details of Pirating Users – TorrentFreak
  • Will California Eliminate Anonymous Web Browsing? (Comments on CA AB 2273) – Hacker News
  • Ask HN: Am I the only one tired of seeing DALL·E /Stable Diffusion posts? – Hacker News
  • ★ Facebook’s Problems – Daring Fireball

Captain’s Blog 🏴‍☠️

  • World record set for "longest journey by pumpkin boat" – Boing Boing
  • Hackers Snuck Malware into an Image From the Webb Space Telescope – Gizmodo