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STL: Friday, September 2, 2022

Events 📆

  • What to do in the Lou for Labor Day weekend – KSDK
  • The Best Concerts in St. Louis This Week: September 1 to 7 – RFT
  • The Best Things To Do in St. Louis During the Week, September 1 to September 7 – RFT
  • The Best Things To Do in St. Louis During the Weekend, September 2 to September 4 – RFT
  • Lend A Hand At The 16th Annual Great Mississippi River Clean-Up – RiverBender
  • First official soccer match coming to Centene Stadium in mid-September – FOX 2
  • New St. Louis soccer stadium hosts first match – FOX 2

Restaurants 🍲

  • Five Aces Bar-B-Que serves true St. Louis-style barbecue in St. Louis’ Shaw neighborhood –
  • Review: Midtown’s Latte Lounge Serves Thrilling Brunch Fare – RFT

STLfood ⚜️

  • The best food and drink events in St. Louis this Labor Day weekend: Sept. 2-5 –
  • The Riverfront Times’ 2022 Food Lover’s Guide – RFT
  • THC-infused Red Hot Riplet brownies to come to dispensaries this month – KSDK
  • Red Hot Riplets brand enters new territory with THC-infused brownies – FOX 2
  • ALDI to open new south St. Louis County store next week – FOX 2

Neighborhoods 🏡

  • City of St. Louis Completes Traffic Calming, Neighborhood Branding Project on the Hill – City of St. Louis – News
  • St. Louis project gives crosswalks a new look, promotes safety around The Hill – FOX 2
  • Meta is shutting down Facebook ‘Neighborhoods’ for local communities – Engadget

STL99 😱

  • Moving Forward – A Series on Reducing Traffic Violence in St. Louis – Part 1: Redesigning Our City – NextSTL – r/StLouis
  • Hyundai and Kia thefts hit insurance and appraisal industry – KSDK
  • A prolific and controversial developer of city apartments expands to St. Louis County – KSDK
  • Edwardsville police warning of utility service phone scam – KSDK
  • Loop Trolley approved for 2-year grant – KSDK

99MO 😱

  • Parents outrages over hateful remarks by Missouri school board member – FOX 2

Police 🚓

  • Home surveillance used to identify St. Louis County shooting suspect – FOX 2
  • Two officers hospitalized after chemical exposure in St. Louis – FOX 2
  • Why bother with warrants when cops can buy location data for under $10k? – The Register
  • Cops wanted to keep mass surveillance app secret; privacy advocates refused – Hacker News
  • Why bother with warrants when cops can buy location data for under $10k? – Hacker News
  • Here Is the Manual for the Mass Surveillance Tool Cops Use to Track Phones – VICE US

CityGov 🏛

  • St. Louis police told City Justice Center is too crowded to take in new arrestees – KSDK
  • Missouri Abortion Lawsuit Could Have National Consequences – RFT
  • Abortion-rights groups alarmed by St. Louis moving AG lawsuit to federal court – Missouri Independent

LocalGov 🏛

  • Two St. Louis County staffers will replace outgoing director of public health –
  • Maryland Heights considers granting a permit for an indoor cannabis farm –
  • Brentwood Board of Alderman approves additional money for new destination park – KSDK

MoGov 🏛

  • Lawsuit seeking to knock marijuana legalization off Missouri ballot faces tight deadline – Missouri Independent

FedGov 🏛

  • Biden delivers prime-time ‘Soul of the Nation’ speech – FOX 2
  • Sounding the alarm on extremism, Biden says ‘MAGA Republicans’ pose threat to democracy – Missouri Independent
  • US Government, Which Once Tried To Regulate Disinformation, Engaged In Targeted Disinformation Campaigns – Techdirt
  • U.S. Bans Chipmakers From Sending AI Training Chips to China and Russia – Gizmodo

Jobs 📄

  • These are the hardest roles for St. Louis employers to fill – KSDK

History 🦕

  • VintageKSDK | Car bombs and shootings: When St. Louis crime families were at war – KSDK
  • The opening of Union Station turned St. Louis into a national crossroads –

Sustainability ♻️

  • Germany’s ultra-cheap train ticket saved 1.8M tons of CO2 – Hacker News
  • Aluminum-gallium powder bubbles hydrogen out of dirty water – New Atlas
  • Engineered yeast produces complex cancer drug, saving tons of flowers – New Atlas
  • Zinc battery made with crab shells safely degrades and recycles – New Atlas
  • Solix Sprayer agricultural robot autonomously seeks and destroys weeds – New Atlas

Infrastructure 🚽

  • California Lawmakers Vote to Save State’s Last Nuclear Plant – Gizmodo
  • Drilling setbacks, net-zero, and a nuclear lifeline. Here’s what just happened in California. – Grist
  • Micron confirms first US memory fab on home soil in 20 years – The Register

Ecology 🦤

  • Increasing the Health of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers – Terrain Magazine
  • Court sends 2 Gulf oil leases back to the Department of the Interior – Grist
  • Harm-free rat control in Phoenix, Arizona – Boing Boing
  • 8 New Geckos Just Dropped – Gizmodo

WWwx 🌦

  • Extent of Flooding across Pakistan based on Satellite… – Maps on the Web
  • Another Heat Dome Is Roasting the West, Threatening California’s Grid – Gizmodo

WWW99 🕸

  • GM’s Cruise revises self-driving software after San Francisco crash – The Register
  • Merge requests and insecure GitHub workflows may lead to supply-chain attacks – The Register
  • Hardcoded AWS Credentials in 1,800 Mobile Apps Highlight Supply Chain Issues – SecurityWeek
  • Chrome Bug Allows Webpages to Replace Clipboard Contents – SecurityWeek
  • Content Moderation Strikes Again: Google Won’t Approve Truth Social Android App Over Content Moderation Concerns – Techdirt
  • Cloudflare Rejects Role as Internet or Piracy Police – TorrentFreak
  • Cruise Recalled 80 Vehicles Following Software-Related Crash – Gizmodo

Twitter 🐦

  • Twitter edit button coming later this month … for some – The Register
  • Twitter still hasn’t addressed ‘egregious’ whistleblower claims – Engadget
  • Elon Musk Tries, Tries Again To Come Up With A Better Excuse To Get Out Of Buying Twitter – Techdirt
  • After 15 Years, Twitter Is Giving Its Paid Users an Edit Button – Gizmodo

Space 🚀

  • How this Mars rover used its MOXIE to convert CO2 into precious oxygen – The Register
  • Newly discovered exoplanet may be first covered in liquid water – Hacker News
  • Engineers fixed Voyager space probe’s mysterious glitch but found another that’s even stranger – Boing Boing
  • Europe’s New Robotic Arm Completes Its First Task Outside the ISS – Gizmodo
  • SpaceX Signs Deal With NASA to Provide 5 More Crewed Trips to the ISS – Gizmodo
  • SpaceX secures five more NASA astronaut missions as part of a $1.4 billion contract – Engadget
  • NASA fixed the glitch that caused Voyager 1 to send back jumbled data – Engadget


  • Classic Muffuletta Recipe – VICE US
  • These 12 recipes will help you cook with more kale –
  • Convert an old telephone into a MIDI instrument – Arduino Blog
  • A smart E Ink calendar comes to my kitchen – Six Colors
  • Behind the CSScenes, September 2022 – CSS-Tricks
  • iShadeed’s Container Queries Lab – CSS-Tricks
  • Forms should be apps: Why I’m building Component – Hacker News

Captain’s Blog 🏴‍☠️

  • 18-foot-long anaconda J-Lo dies at Saint Louis Zoo – KSDK
  • St. Louis Zoo mourns loss of beloved snake J-Lo – FOX 2
  • macOS now scans for malware whenever it gets a chance – Hacker News
  • Study debunks "stoner" myth that cannabis users are lazy & unmotivated – New Atlas