By JW | Wed, 09/07/2022 - 06:01

STL: Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Events 📆

  • 8 places to go apple picking near St. Louis – St. Louis Magazine
  • 8 things to do this fall in the St. Louis area – KSDK
  • What to expect from this year’s Saint Louis Art Fair – St. Louis Magazine

Restaurants 🍲

STLfood ⚜️

  • Best fries in STL bracket. Vote now on r/STLFood – r/StLouis

STL100 💯

  • St. Louis named best city for new college graduates – FOX 2

STL99 😱

  • Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run crash near Tower Grove Park in south St. Louis – KSDK
  • Man on bike struck and killed in South Grand – FOX 2
  • Bicyclist dead after hit-and-run near Tower Grove Park –
  • Bicyclist’s Hit-And-Run Death on South Grand Part of Deadly Trend – RFT
  • This is an outrage – r/StLouis

99MO 😱

  • Missouri substantiated 10 claims of physical abuse at Agape in last four months – Missouri Independent

Pox Populi™ 🦠

  • New COVID-19 vaccine boosters available soon – FOX 2

Police 🚓

  • North county police release photos, video in dog fighting case – KSDK
  • Man charged after police find alleged dog-fighting ring in north St. Louis County raid – KSDK
  • ‘Your horror is over’ – Officer reacts to dog fighting bust – FOX 2
  • Your Law Enforcement Dollars At Work: Deputies Drive 500 Miles To Seize A Young Girl’s Pet Goat – Techdirt

DotGov 🏛

  • A New Mexico county commissioner has been removed from office over his participation in the January 6th insurrection – Boing Boing

CityGov 🏛

LocalGov 🏛

  • Jennings residents oppose plan to build new $14M city hall – FOX 2

MoGov 🏛

  • Missouri secretary of state throws support behind controversial election theory – Missouri Independent
  • Missouri Lawmakers hear testimony on upcoming ballot question to legalize marijuana – FOX 2
  • Hartmann: New ‘Book Ban’ Is Legislative Porn for Missouri – RFT

FedGov 🏛

  • In Washington, agricultural policymakers circulate among Farm Bureau, USDA and industry – Missouri Independent
  • Biden administration reveals details of its $50 billion chip investment plan – Engadget
  • Man Behind US Navy’s Largest Corruption Case Hires a U-Haul, Cuts Ankle Tag, and Flees – VICE US
  • New Book Says NSA Pressured GCHQ To Shut Down Publication Of Snowden Leaks By UK Journalists – Techdirt

Sustainability ♻️

  • ‘Make the clean stuff cheaper’: Did the IRA kill the carbon tax? – Grist

Infrastructure 🚽

  • Electric vehicle infrastructure grows in the Bi-State – FOX 2
  • Ocean shipping rates have plunged 60% this year – Hacker News

Ecology 🦤

  • New Research Crucial For Dragonfly And Damselfly Populations – RiverBender
  • Study: Antarctica’s ‘doomsday glacier’ could retreat faster than expected – Grist
  • Identify and learn about bugs on – Boing Boing
  • Scientists Reveal How Tardigrades Can Survive Decades Without Water – VICE US
  • The Oilfield That Made the Ocean Burn Last Year Is Now Spewing Methane – Gizmodo

WWwx 🌦

  • Parched California prepares for first-ever Colorado River cuts – Grist

WWW99 🕸

  • The Morning After: Meta gets fined $402 million – Engadget
  • Instagram Fined $400 Million in EU Over Teenager’s Data – Gizmodo
  • Everyone’s Mad At Cloudflare; Is There Room For Principled Takes On Moderation? – Techdirt
  • Trump’s Truth Social Deal Is Reportedly Falling Apart – Gizmodo

Twitter 🐦

  • Twitter’s lawyers say Elon Musk wanted out of the deal because of ‘World War 3,’ not bots – Engadget

Space 🚀

  • The Solar Orbiter Spacecraft Just Got Hit by a Gigantic Outburst From the Sun – Gizmodo


Captain’s Blog 🏴‍☠️

  • Signal makes Google strike organizer Meredith Walker its first president – Engadget
  • Signal Has a New President and She Wants You to Pay – Gizmodo
  • Monocraft: A programming font based on the typeface used in Minecraft – Hacker News
  • KeePass is the free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager – Hacker News
  • Slidge – XMPP bridges – Hacker News
  • The path to meaning is paved with responsibility – David Heinemeier Hansson
  • World’s most powerful electric boat torches speed record to hit 109 mph – New Atlas